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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2018Contributing to a self-regulated English language learning process by teacher feedback at an eighth grade at Concejo de Medellin high schoolCortés Castaño, Jose David
2018How can the implementation of a teaching-learning cycle based on Genre Based Approach enhance students' written texts in a group of 11th graders at Institución Educativa CEFA?Castrillón Pineda, Laura Marcela
2018How can the implementation of children's literature support the literacy development in a group of first graders at Institución Educativa San Juan Bosco?Rocha Torrado, Karen Johana
2018How can the use of Project Based Learning respond to the linguistic and cultural needs in a group of 8th graders at the Institución Educativa San Juan Bosco?Arias Gallo, Yuri Alejandra
2018How can the use of Rubrics contribute to make assessment a transparent process a ninth grade course at Institución Educativa Concejo de Medellín?Martínez Marín, Alejandra
2018How does the implementation of critical reading strategies raise the levels of social awareness related to the current post-conflict period in students of 8th grade?Navarro Gutiérrez, Simón
2017Inquiring From Within: Seventh Graders Expand the Uses of LanguagePulgarín Pérez, Anderson Stiven
2017Let's Make Language Learning a Meaningful Experience: Theme Based Teaching for Fourth GradersBravo Ramos, Marticela
2017Promoting Engagement in the English Language Learning Through the Use of Visual AidsRentería Montoya, Jhoan Manuel


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