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dc.contributorEscudero Betancur, Sergio León-
dc.contributor.authorCortés Moreno, Laura Johanna-
dc.identifier.citationCortés Moreno, L.J. (2017) How to Transform the English Learning Process in a Meaningful Experience Through the Influence of the Target Language in the Students’ Local Context? (Trabajo de Grado). Medellín, Universidad de Antioquia.es_ES
dc.description.abstractThis project research was focused on how the English input that is always present in the students’ daily lives can help them to be in contact with the foreign language they want to learn. The main objective was to explore how this exposure to an authentic form of the language can help them to deal better with the school content resulting not only in an increase of their performance but also in the building of a meaningful learning experience. Through the development of this project it was also aimed to help the students to become aware of the implications of the use of a foreign language in their local context and to foster a reflective attitude towards them. Key words: Linguistic landscape, authentic materials, meaningful learning, critial thinking, local context.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de Antioquiaes_ES
dc.sourceinstname: Universidad de Antioquiaes_ES
dc.sourcereponame: Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Antioquiaes_ES
dc.subjectCritical thinkinges_ES
dc.subjectEnglish as a foreign language (EFL)es_ES
dc.subjectLearning strategieses_ES
dc.subjectMeaningful learninges_ES
dc.subjectTeaching strategieses_ES
dc.subjectAprendizaje significativoes_ES
dc.subjectEstrategias de aprendizajees_ES
dc.subjectEstrategias de enseñanzaes_ES
dc.subjectInglés como lengua extranjera (ILE)es_ES
dc.subjectPensamiento críticoes_ES
dc.titleHow to Transform the English Learning Process in a Meaningful Experience Through the Influence of the Target Language in the Students’ Local Context?es_ES
dc.publisher.programLicenciatura en Lenguas Extranjerases_ES
dc.publisher.departamentEscuela de Idiomases_ES
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