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2018To What Extent Does the Use of "Technological Strategies for Classroom Management" (TSCM) Lessen Third Graders' Disruptive Behaviors in an EFL Class?Mejía Agudelo, Juan Esteban
2018How can an English teacher adapt the lessons in order to meet the needs of students with different proficiency levels in class?Jaramillo Arroyave, Víctor Alexander
2018How does the implementation of critical reading strategies raise the levels of social awareness related to the current post-conflict period in students of 8th grade?Navarro Gutiérrez, Simón
2018Let's Play It! Improving First Graders' Oral and Listening Skills through Songs and VideosMedina Mira, Yeison Adrián
2018The Implementation of Montessori Method to Foster EFL Acquisition in Very Young Learners at a Private School in Medellín, Colombia.Ramírez Osorio, Ana María
2016Fostering narrative writing practices through the use of ICT tools and genre based instructionEstrada Blandón, Duván
2016Theme Based Instruction: An Alternative to Change Students' AttitudeChávez Ospina, Natalia
2018Promoting critical cultural awareness in ESL classes through rock and roll music content based workshopsOsorno Palacio, Juan Pablo
2016How does the implementation of multiple intelligences theory with first graders hold their positive attitude towards English at I. E. Sagrado CorazónRodríguez Suárez, Isabel Cristina
2016Le développement de la compétence orale d'apprenants de 2e année pour décrire leur environnement procheOrtega Agudelo, Daniel Felipe


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