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Título : Infertilidad en una perra con historia de falla reproductiva recurrente asociada con tumor de células de la granulosa
Otros títulos : Infertility in a bitch with history of recurrent reproductive failure associated with granulose cell tumor
Autor : González Domínguez, María Soledad
Fernández, Liliana
Saldarriaga, Sandra
Aranzazu Taborda, Diego Alfonso
Maldonado Estrada, Juan Guillermo
metadata.dc.subject.*: Tumor de células granulosas
Hiperplasia endometrial
Caninos - Enfermedades
Infertilidad animal
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : Universidad de Antioquia, Facultad de Ciencas Agrarias
Citación : González MS, Fernández L, Saldarriaga S, Aranzazu D, Maldonado JG. Infertilidad en una perra con historia de falla reproductiva recurrente asociada con tumor de células de la granulosa. Rev. Colomb. Cienc. Pecu. 2005;18(3):258–268.
Resumen : A case report of a 3 years and 7 months old Bulldog female dog with a history of infertility in four previous normal estrus cycles is presented. In all tour estrous the bitch was inseminated with fresh semen from a fertile Bulldog male, with a mating criteria based on cytology and progesterone levels results, without a successful pregnancy being diagnosed (negative pregnancy test by ultrasound at days 32 to 36 post-insemination). At the 6th day of the beginning of proestrus (of the 5th cycle) an ultrasound examination was performed to check for folicular ovarian activity, during which. Intra operatorium where several follicles ranging from 8 to 15 mm in diameter were found which suggested cystic structures. In addition, an endometrial thickening, and a non identified structure parallel to the left ovary were found, and then an exploratory laparotomy was decided. In the fimbriae a very strong bilateral hyperplasia of fimbrial mucosal was found (10 mm wide, approximately), and increased tubal and uterine cervix diameter. In both ovaries, several follicles ranking from 6 to 15 mm in diameter were found, some of they were of translucid aspect, another hemorrhagic, and others lutheinized. Multiple small (2 to 5 mm in diameter) cysts were found in the endometrium. Curiously, both a splenitis of the cranial and fibrosis of the caudal portions of the spleen were found. The histopathology report revealed fimbrial epitelial hiperplasia with acute salpingitis, and endometrial gland hyperplasia with cystic endometrial disease in the uterus. In the spleen, several sclerosiderosis foci, subcortical chronic hemorrhage, and acute supurative splenitis were found. In the ovaries a bilateral granulose cell tumor was diagnosed exhibiting a mixture of cystic and Sertoli cell patterns. These findings are discussed in the context of an granulose cell tumor-related hiperoestrogenic response and its relationship to the previous reproductive failure of the bitch. Accordingly, this is the first report on a bilateral granulosa cell tumor in dogs.
ISSN : 01200690
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